How to advertise a litter

In order to use the website to advertise a Litter or Stud Dog you need to do two things.

1. You need to register with the site by selecting register from the front page.

2. After successfull registration you will be directed to the the Registered Users Area. Here you will be presented with the option to Purchase Membership. Once Membership Payment has been completed you will then be able to Add Litters And Stud Dogs.

Items and information you should have to hand before beginning to enter your litters advert details are:

  1. Up to 4 Photographs of your litter.
  2. A picture of the Sire and a picture of the Dam. You should endeavor to use the best pictures available and in the case of the stud dog picture, please consult with the owner of the dog on choosing a good picture.
  3.  Dams date of birth.
  4. Confirmation of Sire and Dam Hip and Elbow Status etc.
  5. If paying online payment is by PayPal, although you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with Paypal.

The rules or criteria relating to the advertising of litters on this website may be reviewed and changed at from time to time , so it is important that you regularly check this and the news page for updated information.

The site currently presents Litter And Stud Dog advertisers with a form which contains a list of set questions to be answered in the form of select answers from a list.

The minimum price selectable for a puppy is currently €400.

Standard Breeder Membership allows you advertise 1 litter and 2 stud dogs in any one 30 DAY period. You may not have more than 1 litter and 2 stud dogs advertised on the system at any one time. Adverts posted will have the Sire Name, Dam Name And Litters Date of Birth fields locked and uneditable 5 days after the advertisement had been listed. So please review you adverts and ensure these fields are correct.

You may edit other aspects of your adverts, such as number of puppies still available, so as to advertise an up to date figures for you adverts. 

The Kennel Name ,Kennel Prefix  or Breeder Name ARE displayed in all litter advertisements. Anonymous postings are not accepted for publication. If you got a problem with that then advertise elsewhere.

This is not a bargains / deals website.

At  present the charge for standard breeder membership for Litter and Stud Dog adverts is €5 for 30 Days.

Kennel Memberships and Breed Club Membership rates, are available upon request in either 26 or 52 week subscriptions. These allow for increased numbers of Stud Dogs And Litters to be advertised. Details upon request.

Subscription Information

  At  present the charge for standard breeder membership for Litter and Stud Dog adverts is €80 for 30 Days OR €350 for 26 weeks.

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