Why Advertise Here ?

  • This site provides a level playing field, we do not allow breeders to make grandeous sweeping essay about how wonderful their animals are. What we are interested in are facts pertaining to how the animals are bred and precautions that breeders have taken to help ensure a happy healthy litter. This is done by allowing the breeders to answer a set of questions which every person intent on acquiring a puppy should ask.
  • Litter and Stud dog advertising on this site costs less than the average breeder would spend on a deals / bargains website, after taking position bump ups etc into consideration, and this site allows for multiple adverts for both a litter and stud dog. So if they are not advertising here, ask yourself why not ?.

Subscription Information

  At  present the charge for standard breeder membership for Litter and Stud Dog adverts is €80 for 30 Days OR €350 for 26 weeks.