The German Shepherd Pups Ireland website established in 2008 endeavors to introduce those considering acquiring a German Shepherd Dog pup to breeders, this is first website using  this system anywhere in the world, the difference with this services is that the breeders are encouraged to answer important questions that those who are new to the German Shepherd Dog breed may not have the experience to ask, and which can assist them in ascertaining which breeder(s) they feel more comfortable purchasing a puppy from, and more importantly it encourages them to ask themselves some very important questions such as those listed below:

  • Is a German Shepherd Dog really for me ?  
  • Do I have the time, space, resources and dedication now and in the future for a fully grown working/pastoral dog ? 
  • Does this breeder really know what they are doing ?   
  • Are they specialising or do they breed other breeds too?   
  • Are the parents screened for any of the genetic defects within this breed ?   
  • Are they willing to provide references ?   

There is also no guarantee that the answers provided will be accurate , so for this reason we would encourage purchasers to research the answers to these questions and if in doubt about an advert, look at other litters.    There are several German Shepherd Dog Breed Clubs in Ireland and they will usually be able to point you in the direction of reputable breeders and again, look before you leap, if you get referred by one of these clubs try to get contact information for several breeders. What you will find are on this site are adverts by breeders or kennels, articles and advice which has been gathered from those who have dedicated large portions of their lives to the wonderful German Shepherd Dog.



laguiole-french-knives made a real revolution in the industry.

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  At  present the charge for standard breeder membership for Litter and Stud Dog adverts is €80 for 30 Days OR €350 for 26 weeks.

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Always get some enquiries and with a number resulting sales every time. A small price to pay for such results. 

Bochaka German Shepherds, Dublin

As a Gsd breeder / show kennels , we are delighted to see the transparency of this system works, as it has produced enquires which led to sales to excellent homes for our puppies. A revolutionary breed specific website.

Agacamp German Shepherds, Kildare


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